Seventeenth Managing Committee Meeting of Sportscom

The 17th Managing Committee meeting of Sportscom Industry Confederation was held on the 28th of April 2021. Hon’ble Justice Mr Mukul Mudgal, Chairperson of the Governance Committee & Review Committee and Former Member of Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), Geneva, graced the meeting as the Guest speaker.

During the meeting, Justice Mudgal highlighted how sports plays the role as an equalizer to help build character and impart values such as discipline, teamwork, fairness, responsibility and so on, in the formative years of an individual. Justice Mudgal called for a greater participation in the electoral procedure of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). He stressed on the need for regularizing some of the clauses and norms of the organization while also making them more rationalized and less intrusive for the athletes. Justice Mudgal also opined on the advantages of legalizing sports betting while emphasizing on the influx of revenue it will bring to the sector and also track money flowing out of the country through betting. The conversation transitioned towards the impact sports bestows on social issues where he lauded the efforts of the Football Association and the English Premier League (EPL) to introduce acts of solidarity such as ‘Taking the knee’ in the fight against Racism. “I’m sure other International Federations and Sports bodies will emulate FIFA where the Review and the Governance Committee has a strong system of integrity checks in place before appointing candidates at the top positions”, he added.

The 45-minute-long interaction was received with great enthusiasm and appreciation by all attending members of Sportscom. The session culminated with Mr Jalaj Dani, President, Sportscom Industry Confederation, thanking Mr Mudgal for rendering his valuable insights with the members.